I’d love to come and work with your team!

Tailored business training in leadership, communication and influence, flexible thinking and resilience.

The process is simple, DESIGN – DELIVER – INTEGRATE

My programs are strongly interactive, including real plays and role plays, discussions and practical activities to suit your environment and needs. The over-arching goal is to allow participants to take away a practical and valuable toolkit of resources to apply whenever they need them. 

And we can build you a workshop in anything I coach in. In the meantime, try these for size…

Mastering Communication and Influence

Mastering communication and influence grows your success at a personal and professional level. There are times when words fail and barriers go up. I give you the knowledge, tools and strategies to make the best from your relationships. Developing stronger communication and influence skills will grow your potential and get the results you want.

The Yuck Stuff

This is essential for anyone in a business with other humans! No need to be a smiling assassin when you can be effective and professional. From preparing for difficult conversations to addressing the elephant in the room to graceful disagreement. This communication and influence workshop will help you sleep at night.

Resourceful, resilient and flexible – Exceptional thinking, unlocking the potential of the mind

Our minds are amazing and do amazing things, just not always the ones we want. Knowing how to use your mind for maximum effectiveness in your life, profession or sport is not a random gift at birth. You’ll learn how to take control of your thinking and achieve peak performance. Great for coping with the stresses and challenges of being in business in a quick fix, fast-paced world.

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