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The truth is that motivation will nearly always trump talent. Fact. And there are times when we all need to light the afterburners. Knowing what is one thing, knowing how is another.

Another fact – Motivation is not discipline. Motivation feels really great, it’s exciting.

Motivation is what gets your ideas and goals off the ground. And too often we’re faced with inexplicable procrastination, roadblocks and blank paper. Okay, there are times when it really sucks.

I’ve been there… I’ve also learned the secrets to unlocking motivation and getting sh*t done!!

I’ll help you:

  • Understand what motivation is and how it works
  • Ignite your own motivation
  • Stay on track, or get back on track
  • Stop shoulding all over yourself and set goals that actually work for you
  • Motivate others

I’ll help you start and stay motivated. Full accountability. No excuses.

The good news is I want to share the same steps for success that myself and my clients have had. It doesn’t really matter where you’re at – perhaps you have an idea in your head, or you’ve already got the plan but aren’t doing the things you need to do. I can help you do all the things.

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