Business issues and stress can affect business performance

Got Issues?

Alongside stress, there’s a long list of nasties that stop us from achieving.

Let’s start with

  • anxiety
  • intimidation
  • lack of confidence.

Into that soup goes

  • procrastination
  • self sabotage
  • choking
  • some other jerk who really gets on your nerves and makes your day a living hell

It’s a rolling catastrophe, and that’s before you start with the 2 gins at the end of the day so you can even start to think about winding down for the night.

None of this is unusual. All of these are serious. And every one of these is unnecessary.

I’m not a therapist, I don’t need to know about your childhood. There’s a lot of science and practical experience that I’ve to get you into optimal performance.

 I get you out of the soup and into action.

(No offence to therapists btw. They do a great job in a different space from me).

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