Business performance coaching and goal setting

What to expect and how we roll

A coaching session is time that you invest in yourself. We’ll help you to focus and get the most out of your session.

All business performance coaching engagements are bespoke and designed to fit.

FAQs look like this:

Your Coach – is trained to help you find the right answers for you. They are trained to facilitate positive change through improved thinking. This rolls across a range of industries, sports and situations. You don’t need an expert on your business, or sport or life. You need an objective coach who knows how to help you find your optimum performance. That’s what we do.

First Up – We’ll meet with you and have a chat. We’ll make a plan as to what will work best for you, and what you want from coaching. When you come to coaching through a business it’ll depend on what’s agreed with your company. There is normally room for working on personal goal setting too.

Times – The length of a session is usually 1 hour. There are times when we may need more time. That’s okay, usually predictable and organised in advance.

Frequency – All depends on what we want to get done. Meeting every 2 weeks is good for enough time to implement your actions and get a measure of how you are tracking. It’s completely situation dependent though, so we’ll work that out together.

Duration – Again depends on what you want to achieve. You may have a certain event you are working towards, long or short term goals to smash.

Location – We coach globally. Over the phone or Skype coaching is a really effective way of meeting geography and time differences. It’s handy when you’re busy too. Of course, we can meet at your offices, or ours. It’s best if we have a quiet room, without distractions.

Cost – For individuals: this will be decided when we make a plan as to your goals and the duration of coaching. It may be that your employer is happy to pay for your coaching as part of your professional development. For businesses: We may bundle business performance coaching with our other services. Let’s talk.

Confidentiality – This one comes up all the time! Whether you see us through your business, your team, or on your own, trust that anything said in our sessions is confidential and between us. The only out-clause for this is in the instance of personal harm or legal obligation.

We’re flexible so that you get the most from your coaching and everything you need to achieve optimum performance. It’s all about what’s important to you.

Are you ready to take charge of your success and want to know more about what we do?