Enhance your business performance and focus by managing distractions

Flow; being in the zone

Flow is Fun.

Flow is a trip into ultimate performance, heightened creativity and accelerated problem solving.

Flow is not an imagined holy grail of focus. Flow is super-focus. It doesn’t happen by accident. Flow is a clear, structured process. We have proven tools and strategies to get you there.

Flow, or being in ‘The Zone’, is an optimal state of consciousness where we perform at our best. You’ve probably been there. Maybe it was the report that felt like it was writing itself or the book you sat down to and completely lost track of time with. Perhaps you swam or surfed or sailed, completely at one with the ocean, and knowing exactly what to do. That’s Flow.

Being in Flow:

  • Shuts off your inner ‘Shitty Committee’ and the whine of self-doubt
  • Has you in the game, fully present. You are not worrying, half asleep or wishing you were somewhere else
  • Heightens your ability to solve problems with clarity and vision
  • Maximises your creativity while managing distractions
  • Might make you want to scream and shout out ‘yeahhh’ from the sheer love of doing what you do.

Put bluntly, being in Flow gets shit done right and feels great.

For years musicians, athletes and artists have hacked into Flow. More and more Flow is being used in business to unlock potential and optimise business performance. Decades of research have gone into unlocking the science of Flow.

Franciscan Monks meditate for hours to have it, and extreme athletes have it instantly. You don’t need to Ommmm, or risk your life. Flow is the fully achievable state of mentality that anyone can learn and snap into. Once you know how.

At Performance HQ we recognise the power and science of flow.

We have proven tools and strategies to get you there. 

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