A professional coach who knows the importance of business confidence. She understands the power of team performance, and she can get you there.

Belinda ThomasBelinda Thomas is a professional coach with a unique and powerful brand of personal development for business performance and sport. As a self confessed Flow Junky who lives in The Zone, she knows that success is fun, and she won’t stop until she gets it.  That’s great news for you.

Belinda’s drive and determination has taken her around the world as a sportswoman representing New Zealand.  Her experience in that high pressure, competitive environment taught her the importance of mental performance, and that brought her to sport and business coaching.  She wants that same kind of growth and success for you.

With a passion for neuro and brain-based coaching strategies, Belinda knows that the power of the mind is what ultimately drives us to succeed. She gets a huge kick out of seeing people unlock their potential and achieve excellence. She’ll work you hard to get you there – with heart, a lot of laughs, and the kind of inspiration that’ll change you.

She knows the corporate environment first hand and has years of experience as a business owner.  She knows what it’s like when you just want more. Whatever that looks like. Whatever your more is. She’ll get you there.

Belinda values her authenticity and ongoing development. She’s got a heart of gold and she’s tough, gritty, and driven. She’s been there. She gets it. And she’s ready to partner with you to ignite your potential.

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B.A. Psychology

Professional Credentials:

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Accredited Coach

Certified EQ Assessor with Six Seconds (SEI Profiling)


Team Coaching – David Clutterbuck Partnership

Results Coaching Systems

NeuroLeadership Institute Brain Based Coaching

Coach MBA Team Coaching Program

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Ericssonian Hypnosis

More about Belinda…


  • Left University of Canterbury with a B.A. in Psychology, good grades and bad attitude


  • Filled in a year before travel
  • Worked for Ubix Business machines in sales support and training
  • Demonstrated considerable talent for finishing early on Fridays to go water-skiing


  • Studio manager at XMPR Design, London
  • That was a big leap! Got to grips with looking after 6 designers and admin staff
  • Frequent trips to Europe, liked those a lot

1995 – 1998

  • Various financial markets contracts, still in London
  • Culminated in a fantastic stint at Morgan Stanley, back office to dealing room
  • Learned about long hours, pressure and accountability

1998 – 2002

  • Reuters New Zealand as a financial markets product specialist
  • Training and supporting dealers, traders and bankers
  • Great job, fantastic environment, loved it
  • Never did learn to play golf

2003 – 2004

  • Left a really good job for the challenge of being self employed
  • Girl Friday in small and medium sized businesses
  • Was nosey and learning so much
  • Generally got involved in everything, financial, legal, beautiful and ugly
  • A varied and continual site visit into the world of SME

2004 – 2014

  • Mainly mothering and fishing
  • Represented New Zealand in fishing several times
  • Freelance journalist (I can write)
  • Committee work and a community project at the environment court.
  • Busy
  • Got my own mental strength trainer and performance coach (life changing) and quickly jumped the fence to sit on the other side of the desk


  • Launched Totally Fly
  • Online, retail, writing, guiding, coaching and public speaking
  • Realised the joys of starting a business from scratch
  • Living the dream…


  • Did it again. Performance HQ became a happening thing
  • Coaching, mentoring and training
  • Qualified, curious and knowing I’m exactly where I should be!!!

Sporting Achievements:

2014 1st Place SFFNZ National Pairs Championship

2013 1st Place Single weight, 4th Place overall, C.A.N. International, Kayak fishing, China

2012 2nd Place Women, NZ Team, Fips Mouche Commonwealth Championship, England

2011 NZ Team member SFFNZ Oceania Championship, New Zealand

Belinda is still the most consistently placed woman in SFFNZ at National Championships. She has her eyes set on achieving World record status in the next two years – watch this space…

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