13 Mar

This is VUCA

This is VUCA, and it ain’t new

Let’s face it, when are we not facing into a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world? Right now we have a case of that on steroids…

What we do know
That the more the wheels fall off and the more life goes pear shaped, the more likely we are to be triggered and experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Grief

And if not you, then please don’t underestimate the effect of our complicated and uncertain world on others right now. These are overwhelming times for many of us. Check in on people. 

What we need
Put simply, we need to revitalise, relax, and re-set our nervous systems, stay out of surviving and rather focus on thriving to get through these times.

Be practical and tactical in your preparation. Stress, anxiety and all the rest are at an all time high right now, which means we’re locked out of our flow. Stay informed, and avoid all the BS.

But how?
This is the time to double down on the proven methods of reducing anxiety and taking care of yourself (it’s just a dick move not to put your own oxygen mask on first). It’s a time where peak performance is a bit more tricky, but so important right now. I hope you’re all doing okay amongst the chaos of the current wide-spread VUCA the world is experiencing.

Here’s some tips to hunker down and get through:

(with anyone that you enjoy being with)

  • have dinner
  • drink wine
  • play sport together
  • dance to 80’s anthems
  • don’t talk about everything that’s wrong\
  • have amazing sex!


  • embrace the suck
  • exercise
  • get out into nature
  • have long baths and hot showers
  • breathe (box breathing and long exhales are brilliant)
  • take naps and sleep well
  • meditation, yoga (and more amazing sex)


  • stay out of judgement (lots of opportunities for that right now..!!)
  • help someone
  • be kind
  • check in with others

Need to talk about how to handle VUCA for yourself, your team or business? Get in touch and let’s have a chat.