28 Nov

Teaming exercise – Festive Edition

Teaming exercise for the festive season, with no secret santa gift required – give it a go!

An area I love to work in is complexities and layers of teams, and in leadership. ‘Team building’ is a bit of a B.S. term, so I don’t use it – but helping teams grow and work better together really spins my tyres! 

From my work, this idea came up, and I think it’ll be a great teaming exercise in the lead up to Christmas – and a bit different to your average secret santa! Use this team exercise as a great way to end the year with your team, or it can be tweaked and used anytime of the year.

Get started:

  1. In teams, everybody has an envelope for each team member apart from themselves – e.g.  for a team of 7, each individual gets 6 envelopes.
  2. Write the names of each team member on an envelope.
  3. On a piece of paper, secretly write one way in which you’re going to help that person get through the next month(ish) before Christmas.
  4. Seal it, and put all of the envelopes where they can be seen.

Chose a date and all get together (potentially with cake)

  • Each person gives the other team members (swaps) their envelope.
  • And they then guess what the kind/helpful thing their team member has done for them, before opening the envelope for the big reveal.


  • A focus on kind and helpful.
  • Trust
  • And a lot of goodwill heading into Christmas break when people tend to be a bit frazzled!

Let me know how you get on, and what questions you have.

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